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About Us

At Motsoka Property Portfolio we believe a home can be many things to many different people during different stages of their lives

New Beginnings

For some it may be the beginning of a new life. We want to make sure it is the beginning of a new life that you will always cherish by offering you a safe, functional and affordable home for you and your family

End of a Chapter

For others it might be the end of a chapter. Life happens and a home is not for ever. When you ever reach the point where you need to close an unpleasant chapter in your life, and your home is part of what needs to go, we’ll buy that home from you, hassle free, and make sure you have enough cash to turn that new leaf that you so desperately need.


And for a third group of people a home might be a financial stepping stone to living the life of their dreams. To these people we say, let’s join forces and change the world one home at a time through strategic property investment partnerships.

Home Sellers

We understand better than anyone else that life can change in a jiffy. Today you might be living the African dream, and tomorrow you might be faced with…

…and when any of these things happen to you, the last thing you need is to sit with a home that you cannot sell. In this instance, Motsoka Property Portfolio will buy your home from you no matter the condition that it is in. We’ll also assist with any immediate financial needs that you may have.

You call us on +27 (61) 277-6752 when you are ready to sell We’ll come to you, evaluate the home, and make you an immediate offer Our legal team prepares all the paper work and keep you updated until the home is sold and the money is in your bank account. So don’t wait. Turn that leaf and start that next chapter in your life. 

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Home Buyers

Watch this space for safe, functional and affordable homes on offer.

If you buy a home with us :

We’ll also put you in touch with our preferred bond originators who will help you search for the best home loan in town. If you earn a joint monthly income of more than R3500 per month and less than R15 000 per month, we’ll let you know how you can qualify for a government subsidy on one of our homes.


Before making any investment decisions, take a look at these statistics:


A 2017 report by the United Nation states that… Africa is currently urbanising faster than at any other point in history…

Housing Backlog

The local housing backlog is between 60 000 and 70 000 units per year, while government is only able to provide 6000 units per year…

How We Work

1. You join us as a property investment partner. No upfront fees. No obligations 2. Our experienced team search for real estate investment deals…